WOPEX - writing the future! Not only does it offer a better writing performance, it also protects trees and forests. Thanks to our special extrusion technology, we are able to utilise more than 80% of a tree in the manufacture of WOPEX compared to...

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These coloured pencils are ideal for colouring in as well as sketching, drawing and more. Author and illustrator Johanna Basford recommends using Noris colour pencils for her colouring book - Lost Ocean. These coloured pencils ae made with ABS. The...

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The classic shaped coloured pencil in 12 colours are wood-free and hexagonal in shape. Wood-free pencil is a synthetic resin material, no splinters, minimal breakage.Brilliant colours, easy to sharpen with a standard sharpenerWood-free coloured...

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Faber-Castell's 24 Classic selection is specially created for children.  Great classic collection for children and people who love to colour.3.3mm...

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Slim coloured pencil for all age...

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Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencil Set 72Color pencil...

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Artbox 20 full size colouring pencils set in 20 assorted...

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Conte Colour Pencils, 24st.Wood free colouring pencils that give budding artists the quality they need to create their...

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Coloured pencil in hexagonal shape with erasable...

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These Staedlter Colouring Pencils are half length and come in a pack of 12 The first colouring pencil with ABS! The white protective coating reinforces the lead and increases break resistance making the pencil up to 30% stronger. The pencils are in...

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