Please understand that this is my first edition

The Paperback versions of “Enjoyably Quirky Colouring Book” as mentioned before will soon be available to buy. I also have the digital/pdf version of my book which is available now but I want everyone who buys my book to understand that this is my first edition and the first in a hopefully long line of books soon to be released.

I’ve checked the spelling and grammar thoroughly but I’m only human and I do make mistakes so if there are any errors in spelling or grammar or formatting then please could you either let me know by sending me a message on my social media/network account or you can email me at and I will do my best to modify my books in my next edition and in future books to come.

However these books are not about spelling, grammar or formatting they are about colouring. So I hope that you enjoy colouring the images within my book.

Also I know the word colour is spelled color in America but I’m based in the U.K. so for now I will be releasing the U.K. version of my books but within the next few days I will be releasing an American version of my books with the color word used instead of colour.

I really do hope you enjoy my books and I look forward to hearing your comments

Best Regards


T.R. Stockham